Artemisia Lab is a Network of Clinical Diagnostic Centers of excellence, consisting of 18 structures spread across the whole of Rome. Since the 60s, Artemisia Lab is in pole position for technological innovation in the field of diagnostics, for the very high professionalism of medical staff and health professionals, for constant attention to medical-scientific research, for the seriousness and rigor in exercising health and welfare activities as well as those of business management.

The Artemisia Lab Network has a worldwide registered and exclusive Brand, which identifies the architectural and structural image of the Clinical Centers, the production processes, the work flows and the monitoring of all management indicators.

All procedures are authorized and certified, with ISO 9001: 2015 standards, by Bureau Veritas, an independent certification body and leader in the world. Recently Artemisia Lab has also obtained the Simply Halal and Kosher religious certifications.

Moreover, the Artemisia Lab Network has obtained certification for the innovative “ONE DAY” Health Care Pathways: assessments that guarantee the patient a complete response within 24 hours, regarding the oncological diagnosis for thyroid, prostate and breast diseases.

The Artemisia Lab Network is also active in the foreign market, where the excellent quality of its services has been known for long. For example, Quwait has explicitly recognized the remarkable efficacy of internal procedures and diagnostic pathways of Artemisia Lab, for different types of pathologies.

For almost 50 years, The Artemisia Lab Network has been able to make available to the public every kind of laboratory examination (molecular biology, genetic research, histopathology, patents such as the INTESTINAL MICROBIOTA), specialized examination and the latest generation diagnostic test, ensuring the use of cutting-edge tools and equipment.

The effective and efficient internal procedures and diagnostic and therapeutic paths of Artemisia Lab represent, for the National Health System, a very important support, both in relation to economic savings and in relation to the resolution of citizens’ health problems and, therefore, to the full satisfaction of the patient.
The Excellence of Artemisia Lab was selected by the Balkan countries in order to establish an international agreement for the realization of first-level medical-diagnostic services. This agreement will concern in particular the “ONE DAY” Service, i.e. the Immediate Oncological Diagnosis Service, and the Assisted Fertilization Service through the use of the most innovative reproduction techniques. All European countries interested in the initiative will have access.

The topic of cyber security, all the aspects concerning the obligations introduced by the new European regulation on data protection, GDPR, the relative advantages and the importance of training in this regard, will also be discussed.
Genesis Group Athens Panthos Konstantinos officially met the Artemisia Lab Network on 25 July 2019 to define the procedural and medical-scientific guidelines of the international collaboration agreement, which includes Italy and all of Europe.
Dr. Mariastella Giorlandino, Sole Administrator of the Artemisia Lab Network, declares: “We believe that this circumstance constitutes an excellent opportunity for all citizens who need excellent, complete and timely health care and assistance, at a transnational level; this means, first of all, shortening the time of reception and diagnosis, realizing agreements, synergies and teamwork, cutting the costs of Health and improving the quality of international protocols. This meeting will mark a new milestone for International Medicine; the Artemisia Lab Network, as we have always maintained, is constantly ready and available to any open confrontation, exchange and cooperation leading to innovative and decisive perspectives for patients”

Coordinamento: Via Velletri 10 Roma