Artemisia is a network of excellence, specialised in private and state-subsidised healthcare facilities operating since the 1970s. The company’s objective has always been that of offering highly specialised clinical laboratory services and specialist visits at a good price/quality ratio.
The company has always invested in highly-technological diagnostic equipment. In the in the 1970s, Artemisia was amongst the first to offer hormonal assays with the radioimmunoassay method, whereas in the 1980s and 1990s it was among the few centres to offer molecular biology diagnostic tests in the field of infections and genetic diseases; an absolute innovation at the time.
Being at the forefront of technological innovation in diagnostics is a goal that Artemisia maintains to date. We are in fact innovative in high resolution radiology diagnostics with 1,5T MRI and with our CT equipment.
All our procedures are certified Standards ISO 9001:2008, in addition to which we have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for our very own 1-Day diagnostic paths of the Thyroid, Breast and Prostate.

The coordination of health centres into a network promotes the standardization of the production processes and the smooth running of the working process, allowing for constant supervision and surveillance of management and of operations.
The ArtemisiaLab network of healthcare services is a network that is certified as standard ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas, an independent body and worldwide leader in testing, inspection and quality certification services.
The certification guarantees, in each centre of the network, the commitment in providing high quality services whilst maintaining the centrality and main focus onto the patient.
In pursuit of its commitment, ArtemisiaLab has created a committee of university professors chaired by Prof. MD Renato Lauro (Rome Tor Vergata University) in order to guide the company’s choices for new clinical innovations in terms of new technologies, therapies, surgical methods and diagnostic applications.

  • Patient’s centrality

In our centres the patient is always placed at the centre of the diagnostic-assistential process. Our organization continuously adapts its processes in order to respond, in an ever-more effective, secure, comprehensive and swift manner, to the patient’s health requirements.

  • State-of-the-art standards

ArtemisiaLab constantly improves its quality standards in terms of human resources, equipment and procedures.

  • Architectural uniformity

The design, furnishings and colors throughout all the centres of the ArtemisiaLab network are standardized. The architecture of all our centres is aimed at reducing the stress a patient may feel when it finds itself in a hostile or unknown environment. Every centre is designed as a fully comfortable environment in which the patient may feel at ease.


  • Collaborates with many university professors in the various branches of medicine and surgery;
  • Collaborates with Rome’s leading universities;
  • Supports research projects carried out in the universities with which it collaborates;
  • Organizes conferences for Continuing Medical Education in collaboration with both Italian and foreign universities.

Coordinamento: Via Velletri 10 Roma